13 November 2005

Nice knockers!

At a museum shop today, Stylurus and I saw some cool dragonfly merchandise. What we liked the most was this really nice doorbell. Unfortunately, it won't fit where our current doorbell is placed. I'm not even sure our doorbell works!

Then there were these door knockers. The one of the left was nice, I didn't care for the shiny one on the right. The little dragonfly on the bottom is also a doorbell.

I like our current door knocker, which I got on eBay. Yeah, I know our door needs painting.


T. Beth said...

I love odonates, they are such beautifully elegant insects and so very Art Nouveau. One of my favorite new age music groups Amethystium always has dragonfly artwork on their album covers and they are quite lovely.

Barbara Burns said...

These dragonfly door-knockers are gorgeous! I cannot afford to buy one right now but I will keep them in mind for next year. Thank you for sharing these - I had never even thought about them being created as door-knockers though I had bought some lovely colorful little dragonfly wind chimes for my daughter last year.

mfophotos said...

Nothing better than dragonfly knockers.... umm, wait, I didn't even they had knockers. Must be hard to fly with them, though.