UDH papers

Papers on insects by the Urban Dragon Hunters team
Links to reprints of additional insect papers can be found at Julie's ResearchGate contributions page.

Other insects:
  • Craves, J. A. 2017. Native birds exploit leaf-mining moth larvae using a new North American host, non-native Lonicera maackii. Ecoscience 3-4:81-90.
  • O’Brien, M.F., and J.A. Craves. 2016. Phyllopalpus pulchellus Uhler, the Handsome Trig (Orthoptera: Gryllidae), a confirmed Michigan resident. Great Lakes Entomologist 49:202-203.
  • Craves, J. A. and D. S. O’Brien. 2009. The “Hearsay” Hairstreak: Satyrium favonius ontario in Wayne County, Michigan. Mich. Entom. Newsletter 54(1&2):10-11.
  • O’Brien, M. F., and J. A. Craves. 2008. [Giant Resin Bee] Megachile sculpturalis Smith — A new bee for Michigan (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae). Mich. Entom. Newsletter 53(1&2):4.
  • O’Brien, M. F., and J. A. Craves. 2006. Isodontia elegans: Now in Michigan (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae: Sphecinae). Great Lakes Entomologist 39: 94-96.
  • Craves, J. A.  2004.  Are there populations of the Miami Blue, Cyclargus thomasi bethunebakeri, in Cuba? News Lepidopterists’ Soc. 46:43.
  • Craves, J. A. 2003.  Michigan range expansion for [Common Ringlet] Coenonympha tullia inornata (Lepidoptera: Satryidae). Mich. Entom. Newsletter 48(3&4):5.