21 March 2023

Michigan's new threatened and endangered species list

Every few years, the state of Michigan tasks various committees of experts with reviewing threatened and endangered species, as required by law. The past two cycles one of us (Julie Craves, a.k.a. Nannothemis) has been a member of the Insect Technical Advisory Committee. The committee works to form recommendations on elevations, downgrades, additions, and subtractions to the list, which then goes through a review process that includes internal review and public comment before being signed into law.

There were multiple changes made to the list of Odonata in the recommendations submitted in 2014-2015, but they were not acted upon by the state for various (mostly political) reasons. The Whitmer administration called for an update and the Committee once again revised the list, and submitted changes in September 2019. After delays related to Covid, the state list was finalized and signed into law on 20 March 2023. The entire state threatened and endangered species list including all species can be viewed here.

The Odonata list is below. On the Michigan Odonata Survey rare species webpage, we have other conservation-oriented lists of Odonata in the state.

Hine’s Emerald – Somatochlora hineana Williamson no change
Russet-tipped Clubtail – Stylurus plagiatus (Selys) – elevated from special concern
Gray Petaltail – Tachopteryx thoreyi (Hagen in Selys) – elevated from threatened

Tiger Spiketail – Cordulegaster erronea Hagen in Selys- elevated from special concern
Alleghany River Cruiser — Macromia alleghaniensis Williamson – new to list
Pygmy Snaketail – Ophiogomphus howei Bromley – no change
Elusive Clubtail – Stylurus notatus (Rambur) – elevated from special concern

Special concern (no legal protection)
Extra-striped Snaketail – Ophiogomphus anomalus Harvey
Incurvate Emerald – Somatochlora incurvata Walker
Riverine Clubtail – Stylurus amnicola Walsh
Laura’s Clubtail – Stylurus laurae Williamson

Removed from special concern
Smoky Rubyspot – Hetaerina titia (Drury)
Splendid Clubtail – Gomphurus lineatifrons (Calvert)
Rapids Clubtail – Phanogomphus quadricolor (Walsh)
Ebony Boghaunter – Williamsonia fletcheri Williamson
Ringed Boghaunter – Williamsonia lintneri (Hagen in Selys)