01 September 2005


I can't say that I can tell you much about the tropical genus Uracis, except that they are a lot like dragonlets (Erythrodiplax) and also libellulids. The male above is Uracis fastigiata. In central Panama, we found them in sun-dappled shady areas near water, but they weren't common. The extent of the black on the wings of this species varies; this is as extensive as it gets. The wings actually appeared stiff and plastic-like, and they flew with a fluttery, butterfly-like flight. It must be the end of their flight season, because most we saw were worn, if not battered.

In sunny, open areas we found the related Uracis imbuta (below). They were a little smaller, and more typically dragonlet-like, without the thick-winged appearance. Do you see what that individual is perched on? That's right -- Uracis grass.

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