04 July 2005

Kentucky odes, the end

We spent today in Grant County, KY. We now understand why there aren't a lot of records for this county. It was hard finding publicly accessible permanent water. A couple times we found really lovely rocky streams like this one. We were quite surprised at the lack of odonata in them.

A Macromia was patrolling one, and we staked ourselves at strategic points in the stream. This is where my brilliant new water shoes came in handy. Unfortunately, the river cruiser only made a few passes and eluded us. We think it was either an Illinois (M. illinoiensis) or Allegheny (M. alleghaniensis).

Halloween Pennant

We ended up with only about two dozen species, including this lovely fresh Halloween Pennant (Celithemis eponina). There were very few damselflies -- no spreadwings and only two species of bluets. And the entire weekend we did not see a single green darner. How weird is that?

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Lené Gary said...

The Halloween Pennant is beautiful. Thanks for posting the picture. The shoes are cute too. :)