24 June 2012

Exuvia and Adult of a big darner

On May 26th, I was out looking for specimens for the stable isotope project in Wayne County.  Maybe I'd find some flying Common Green Darners (Anax junius) or new exuviae for this species.

Stopping at a favorite pond where I've found multiples of the species in past years, I found no adults and then spied an exuvia on a cattail.  With my net, I was able to coax it off the vegetation.  When in the hand it became apparent that this wasn't A. junius, but A. longipes.  A nice find for the day!

Three weeks later, on June 16th, I visited the same pond and found an adult Comet Darner (A. longipes) patrolling the edge.

Could this be an individual that emerged from the same pond?  I released it to make more darners for the future, but I kept the exuvia as evidence of successful breeding in Michigan.

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