20 July 2011

Another Andromorphic Female

Over the past year during my lunch hours, I've walked the grounds at my workplace in Farmington Hills, MI, tallying the various plants and animals. The route back to the building is an enclosed walkway and is quite the collector of various bugs since they get trapped in the glass panels. Each panel is surrounded by a frame that protrudes a few inches and many insects can't determine how to navigate from the enclosure.

Thus, I walk along and pluck out the variety of individuals which gives me a chance for further identifications and release from their "deathtrap". I've found many species in this walkway that I haven't found "out in the field".

On June 28th, 2011, I picked up an Eastern Forktail (Ischnura verticalis) expecting it to be a male based on the coloration, but quickly realized it was a female. In this photo, the ovipositor is visible:

... and a view of the dorsal surface of the abdomen:

Amazingly, this is the second time I've seen an andromorphic female. Here's a link to the account of our first sighting.

There are always interesting things to find... even in an industrial park of metro Detroit.


Emma Springfield said...

This is a great post. I really feel that if you want to experience nature, all you have do is step outside.

Ken Seneff said...

I guess you can see alot of interesting things around you if you'll just stop and take the time to notice it. Thanks for the post.

Darrin OBrien said...

Yes, I encourage everyone to get outside, even for a few minutes, each day.