14 November 2009

Later dates for Autumn Meadowhawks

Nannothemis and I searched UM-Dearborn in Wayne County for a variety of insects and birds on November 14, 2009. We had hoped to find Autumn Meadowhawks (Sympetrum vicinum), and we did find them!

Over a couple hours of walking the trails, we counted 73 individuals (primarily males, but there were several females). This temporarily represented a new late date for Michigan.

On following days, I had expected to find more individuals due to the warm November weather we were experiencing.

I revisited UM-Dearborn again on November 15 and only spent time to find 2 males.

During the following work week, I visited Robert H. Long Park of Commerce Township in Oakland County and found individuals on two dates.

Two males were found on November 17 and five males were found on November 18.

Thus, November 18th was the lastest date for Autumn Meadowhawks (S. vicinum) in Michigan. That is, unless we hear of someone else with new sightings.

That puts an end to the dragonfly flight season for the Urban Dragon Hunters in Michigan this year. The nets are put away until next spring or we take a trip to the south this winter.


John B. said...

I'm still seeing both Autumn Meadowhawks and Common Green Darners (at a somewhat more southerly latitude).

Mark said...

Spotted several Autumn Meadhowhawks around Swan Creek in the Allegan Game Area last week. A few stragglers were still there today - 11/28.



Darrin OBrien said...

Mark, that is excellent.
I was fortunate to find one male today (12/1) at Robert Long Park. Now I suspect that will be my last for the year. It's amazing to see an ode in December here.

Unknown said...

Wow - December 1st is really remarkable! It was around 50F here in Kalamzoo yesterday and today, and I thought that there might still be a few odes out there - but I had no chance to go look for them. Tonight's snow and the cold weather coming up will no doubt end the season... It is indeed amazing.