25 March 2009

Ode habitats at Domitila, a private reserve in Nicaragua

The final portion of our Nicaraguan trip included time at Domitila in the department of Granada. We were at Domitila on March 12-14, 2009.

DOMITILA -- private reserve of dry tropical forest near Nandaime, Granada dept.
-- Main buildings: 11.708642, -85.953549. The road in front of the buildings was a great place to find the gliders.

-- Rio Hacienda (southern stream; referred to as "Rio Dorado" by Fred Sibley in his Argia article summarizing his August 2003 visit): 11.7013, -85.9522.

Upon arriving at the river, we found this little area of ripples and several rubyspots (Hetaerina sp.) perched in the vegetation. This is also the location of the Lemon-tipped Helicopter Damsel (Mecistogaster ornatus).

A natural spring was approximately 30m up the hill from this location.

The pool upstream from the ripples held several species of odes such as the Caribbean Yellowfaces (Neoerythromma cultellatum) and the Red Pondhawks (Erythemis haematogastra).

The river had areas with dappled light. The Amelia's Threadtails (Neoneura amelia) would visit the edges of the small patches of light.

-- Rio Pintal (northern stream): 11.7097, -85.9558. The river near the lodge contained pools and flowing water over rocks.

-- the shores of Lake Nicaragua: no GPS readings since we didn't have a GPS here. The swarms of Hyacinth Gliders (Miathyria marcella) and Wandering Gliders (Pantala flavescens) were phenomenal. Without thinking, a swing of the net would nab 2 or 3 individuals at a time. Here, Nannothemis is overwhelmed by the swarm.

A Wandering Glider (Pantala flavescens):

The area adjacent to the pasture was swarming with Hyacinth Gliders (Miathyria marcella), Roseate Skimmers (Orthemis ferruginea), and Striped Saddlebags (Tramea calverti). Plus, there was an additional individual that is the 1st record of the species for Nicaragua! A male Miathrya simplex.

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