16 September 2013

Epiaeschna breeding "hotspot"

While wandering around our swamp on June 29, 2013, we found an exuvia of a male Swamp Darner (Epiaeschna heros).  This is only the 3rd specimen of an exuvia of this species from Michigan, and more interestingly, the 2nd specimen from this location! (We found the 1st specimen while walking the property prior to our purchase last year.)

This exuvia was on the only cattail in the 1.5 acre swamp in our 11-acre property in Lodi Township.

Here's an early spring scene from March-2013 which gives an idea of the habitat:

The exuvia was found in the area on the right side of the image above.

Here's an adult female that was patrolling our old field on June 26th:

Let's hope she laid more eggs for exuviae to be found in future years.

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Lisa said...

Well-captured photos.