27 August 2011

Another visit....Another Monroe County Record

Thinking about the other Stylurus species along the Raisin River, we headed back to Monroe County, MI on August 20th.

We found Russet-tipped Clubtails (S. plagiatus) and Fawn Darners (Boyeria vinosa), but none of the other Stylurus.

The highlight was flushing a young, male Carolina Saddlebags (Tramea carolina) which provides the first record for Monroe County. I had guessed I'd have to wait until the southerly winds in September brought some north, but that wasn't the case.

Here's a lateral view showing the black down the sides of the abdomen and the smaller hamules:

Here's a shot of the purplish frons:

I guess I'll have to make another visit in early September to Monroe County for the other Stylurus species.

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