01 July 2009

Some old odes...Refound

It was another poor weather day for dragon hunting today (July 1, 2009). (cloudy, breezy, and cool with threatening showers). I decided to try for new county records at Proud Lake State Recreation Area in Oakland County near the Huron River.

Strangely, I couldn't find many odes near the water of the Marsh Trail or the Huron River. However, I did find one Southern Spreadwing (Lestes disjunctus australis). The only voucher for this species in the county is from 1958.

I then checked an upland field that is regularly mowed. However, this field is surrounded by bushes and small trees which were attractive to young odes.

Walking slowly through the patchy grass, I found the following:
- 10+ male and several female Blue-ringed Dancers (Argia sedula) - only voucher 1917
- 1 female Comet Darner (Anax longipes) - only voucher 2007
- 1 female Black-shouldered Spinyleg (Dromogomphus spinosis) - previous voucher 1923

- ~6 male and 1 female Lancet Clubtails (Gomphus exilis)
- 1 male and 3 female Spangled Skimmers (Libellula cyanea) - previous voucher 1965
young male:
- dozens of meadowhawks (Sympetrum sp.), some with many mites

While walking back to my car, I passed a small, grassy patch and a large darner flew up and away. I'm quite sure it was a Swamp Darner (Epiaeschna heros), but there is some uncertainty. Unfortunately, there were no new county records positively ID'd. It just gives more reason to get out there again.

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