10 June 2005


It's been HOT. The weather we never had in July and August 2004 is here now. Odes are popping out all over. I have seen most of the expected species. Today, I had my first Unicorn Clubtail, Arigomphus villosipes, one of the easier gomphids to recognize; the males have those groovy all-yellow cerci.

For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the spring issue of the Williamsonia to appear, the Editor doesn't have enough material for a full issue, so spring and summer will be combined. Got something to say? Submit an article!

One of my links in the sidebar is to a nature/photo blog from the U.K. called The Natural Stone. This guy really knows his moths. Some odes have great common names, many moths have even better ones. Check out the great photos of Tawny Shears and Mother Shipton in his recent posts. They may sound like porn pseudonyms, but they're moths!

Finally, I was tagged with a book meme by Aydin at Snails Tales. Once upon a time, in another blogspace, I answered this meme. So, I will respond to this tag by providing answers that include only fiction and literature, or perhaps only entomology. This may take some thought -- drop me a comment and let me know which theme you'd like, or suggest another.


tony g said...

I got passed to when you did and was checking to see what others were doing. Your choices are both excellent. Don't guess you could do lists for both . . . ?


only entomology?

Mark said...

Great stuf and good finds. Here is a link that you might like to see... some nive inf light photos of Pantala..