13 June 2013

Finally -- The Odonata of Wayne County

After 10+ years of field work; months of literature searches and poking through old specimens; and a year or so of writing, editing, and post-production, our paper on the county odes has been published:

Craves, J. A.. and D. S. O’Brien. 2013. The Odonata of Wayne County, Michigan: Inspiration for renewed monitoring of urban areas. Northeastern Naturalist 20:341-362. 

You'll find a checklist in a new tab at the top of the page here on Urban Dragon Hunters.

This is a great journal, and we encourage people to subscribe to get access to the whole paper, which includes, as the title indicates, justification and encouragement of insect monitoring in urban areas.

We can furnish PDF reprints by request at nannothemis AT gmail DOT com.