28 June 2015

SW Wayne County Corporal Check

Given the number of Chalk-fronted Corporals (Ladona julia) I had been observing in Washtenaw and Jackson Counties in early June, I thought I should check a couple locations in southwest Wayne County on June 7th before afternoon storms arrived.

Crosswinds Marsh was my first stop.  The northwestern portion of phase I has good habitat for a variety of odes.  Immediately present was a Painted Skimmer (Libellula semifasciata) and dozens were observed during the 3-mile hike.

female Painted Skimmer (L. semifasciata)

Approaching a creek crossing, I saw a darner flying towards the large culvert.  As it made a pass, a large "nose" and a tapered end to the abdomen were evident: Cyrano Darner (Nasiaeschna pentacantha).

Following the creek upstream from the Arkona Road area, there is a boardwalk along a ponded area created by beavers.  At this location two male Cyrano Darners were battling.

male Cyrano Darner (N. pentacantha)
 Unfortunately, no corporals were found.

Next stop was Sherwood Park, aka Banotai Park, in Sumpter Township.  Over 2 miles of walking and I didn't find my target species.  There were a couple Painted Skimmers.

male Painted Skimmer

 Also, I did find two other species that are rare in Wayne County: Banded Pennant (Celithemis fasciata) and Lancet Clubtail (Gomphus exilis).

teneral female Banded Pennant (C. fasciata)
Lancet Clubtail (G. exilis)

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Matt said...

Chalk-fronted corporal seems to be in better in numbers in Berrien this year too.