12 January 2011

A favorite bug blog

One of my favorite blogs is that of the North Carolina State Insect Museum.

A couple recent posts especially caught my fancy. (What is my "fancy" anyway? Do I want it to be caught? By strangers? Is this something Stylurus needs to worry about? Moving along...)

I can assure you that the illustration in this post represents nothing in our house, but does represent my mental ideal of organization. Schmitt, yeah! -- THIS is how it's done

And speaking of "fancies," this post reveals that I'm not the only one getting it tickled. -- Genitalic stridulation in crane flies (Tipulidae)

[At right, one of the coolest crane flies I've found, Ctenophora dorsalis, a large ichneumon wasp mimic. I photographed this in Wayne County, Michigan in May 2009.]