09 November 2006

Urban Dragon Hunter gifts!

Autumn came early and often this year, so to speak. We've already had snow more than one day, and lots of frosty nights, putting a fork in the odonata season. Our taste of Indian summer came today (and I did indeed see an Autumn Meadowhawk, Sympetrum vicinum), but it is supposed to get cold again tomorrow, with a chance of snow on the weekend.

To remind myself of warmer days, I put together some odonata items at Cafe Press from some of my photos. I hope they will make nifty holiday gifts for the dragon hunter in your life. The minimal mark-up keeps me in insect nets and pays for lens repair for those times when I take an unintentional dip in a river.

I will continue to add items as I acquire photos, or go through my older items. If you have a request for a different item with one of these photos, or an item with another photo you've seen here at Urban Dragon Hunters, just let me know and I'll see what I can do!

So go visit the Urban Dragon Hunters store at Cafe Press, and enjoy!