01 August 2006

Insect news

Searching for odes has just not been fruitful of late, what few times I've been able to get out. Just so you know I'm alive, I'll bring you some recent insect news:
  • Better Beetle Sought For Salt Cedar Control. ---Diorhabda elongata (Galerucinae, Chrysomelidae) from various geographic regions are being tested to control invasive salt cedar, a.k.a. tamarisk (Tamarix ramosissima and parviflora). This aggressive introduced shrub has taken over millions of acres in the western U.S., displacing native species and wildlife habitat, and altering water tables and riparian zones.
And as always, please visit the Circus of the Spineless -- the new version is up at Words & Pictures.


Snail said...

I may be on the other side of the world but I'm enjoying reading your tales of dragonfly hunting. And the photos are fabulous.

Nannothemis said...

Thanks very much...I hope that I'll have some interesting odonata survey results to post soon. It's getting into Aeshna season here!