15 December 2005

Great books for bug lovers

Mark of Michigan Odonotes beat me to a review of A Dazzle of Dragonflies, a fantastic book for any bug lover, whether a sophisticated dragonfly hunter, or someone who just thinks they are neat and interesting. Mark's comments echo my own feelings on the book, so I totally recommend it.

Towards the end of the field season, I also picked up a copy of The Caterpillars of Eastern North America (the Princeton Guide). This is a fantastic and long-overdue field guide. Some may prefer the Field Guide to Caterpillars from the "Through Binoculars" series. I like the Princeton Guide better.

Of course, I recommend all the books over in my sidebar...they are the best dragonfly guides around.

And here are a couple of books that look very tempting, which are on my reading list. First is the Field Guide to Grasshoppers, Crickets, and Katydids of the United States. These are beautiful insects, and I have often wished I knew more about them. I'm going to pick this one up. If there are any Orthoptera experts out there, let me know what you think of this book!
Since I like the Princeton Guide so much, I expect I will also enjoy their Garden Insects of North America.

Happy holidays!


Jenn said...

Yes, the Wagner Caterpillar book is a masterpiece. I prefer to ID online (bugguide.net) but I *had* to have this book. It is beautiful to look at.

Hoping someone picks the Garden Bugs book off my Amazon wish list this year too :-)

Jenn said...

Hee hee - just got it :-). It's huge and absolutely gorgeous!

Watermelon Man said...

WOW !!! Just found your site ! It's GREAT ! I have a Michigan insect site (along with other strange things), you may find a few neat bugs there. I just posted a dragonfly from last summer, it might be archived now, but should only be a few days back. It's great to find another bug-blogger !! Keep up the good work!