30 November 2005

Circus of the Spineless #3

Phew. Thanksgiving is over, and the heaviest shopping season of the year has begun. Holiday shopping for a bunch of folks who are into lower animals can be really tough. But this year, I'm going to a new store that will help me with one-stop shopping for everyone on my gift list.

C'mon. Let's go shopping!

Aisle 1. Arachnids.

A noisy spider? That sounds like a good pet. Icecube's Keep brand.

And Sedition.com has a cute spider that looks like it's ready to give you a hug.

Wow! I didn't even know there were such things as sea spiders, a.k.a. pycnogonids. New from Deap-Sea News.

From Nature Writers of Texas, a variety pack of garden-friendly spiders.

Aisle 2. Insects.

Night of the Kingfisher has come up with a green spotted beetle, claims it cleans up decaying beach detritus.

Sedition.com has come out with a flannel shirt decorated with the heads of hornets instead of sequins. Now that's fashion!

Here's something different. Not an ant, not a lion, but an insect called an antlion. We called these doodlebugs when I was a kid! By Firefly Forest Blog.

The House and Other Arctic Musings has a mystery wasp. I'm afraid to have it shipped, since it looks like this one might have ended up in Nunavut, Canada by accident.

Mayflies making glitter of the air. Beautiful imagery by Leaning Birch.

My friends who are birders might be interested in obtaining living formic acid dispensers from Nature Writers of Texas so they can watch some wild birds do a little anting.

Aisle 2, Lepidoptera section.

This Butterfly Flutter Ripple Effect experiment by Creative Science Quarterly sounds like more fun than a chemistry set.

The batteries aren't included, but this owlet moth by Science and Sarcasm comes complete with its own nucleic acid sequence!

Jenn from Invasive Species Weblog has a nice pair of fall cankerworm moths -- the male is cute but the little wingless females look almost cuddly. Almost.

Firefly Forest Blog's Queen butterfly is a great gift for the little princess on my shopping list.

Snail's Tales has a delicate but resiliant Common Wood Nymph. Looks like the only one left is a little worse for wear, though!

Milkriver has two versions of Asterocampa butterflies, and points out how to choose between an emperor and an empress!

Aisle 3. Gastropods.

Here's the perfect gift to put inside a series of nested boxes: one of the tiniest snails I've ever (not) seen! By luigi9555.

Another tiny snail, this one from far away Turkey! Via Snail's Tales.

Research at a Snail's Pace
, another specialized purveyor of invertebrate goodies, offers a snail that's been around since the Pleistocene.

Aisle 3, Adult section.

How about these two romantic banana slugs via Far Cartouche, or this kissing pair at Middle-Fork.

The related leopard slugs (with startling blue sex organ) brought to us by bootstrap analysis are even more explicit. I think if you crossed one of the banana slugs with a leopard slug, you'd get one of these attractive spotted banana slug models by thornogson.

Aisle 4. The jumble bin.

I'm bummed there isn't a picture on the box, but carnivorous sponges sound too good to pass up (from Deep-Sea News).

Words and Pictures has a wonderful collection of the latter, a photo salon including some lepidoptera, odonata (brilliant!), a snail, some lovely diptera, and for my frat-boy brother, a pair of X-rated rose chafers.

Milkriver brings us a grab-bag of unidentified invertebrates -- although the species are not known, moths, spiders, and flies are recognizable...but do you know what a solfugid is?

Well, my bag is full for now. Now, how do I wrap these things.....?


lené said...

This is great! I just cruised the isles for a first run through. The collection is riot. I love the hugging spider, the spotted banana slug, and the deep sea spiders. Thanks for all of your hard work. The jumble bin: Love it!


Ah, so many things to buy. I hope you'll be having a sale sometime.

You have right-clicking disabled, but I stole your logo anyway, nyeh, nyeh:

Roger B. said...

What a great selection. I must shop here more often!

I also stole your logo for my blog.

TroutGrrrl said...

Bwa ha ha haaaa! Excellent!

Cindy M. said...

this is my kind of store..
(forgot to send in my entry- too busy to keep up with so much blogging)

great edition Nanno!