30 September 2005

Debut of the Circus of the Spineless

It's here: The Circus of the Spineless, the blog carnival devoted to invertebrates. It debuts at Milkriver Blog, and Tony did an great job with a truly impressive number of entries. With three rings and 54 performers, this has to be one of the biggest carnival roll-outs in the history of the blogosphere. Go check out what's under the Big Top!!


fred said...

I have a Spineless contribution and am having a bit of trouble finding an official entry form. Just need to know an email addy to send my permalink to, if you'd be so kind. I've also submitted something to Tangled Bank, and hope to let the energies of these topical aggregators motivate me to do more nature writing--not to mention, being a great way to meet more like-minded naturophiles. Thanks for your part in the Spineless efforts, I look forward to future installments and can't wait to send Fragments readers over.

Nannothemis said...

Hi, Fred. The next Spineless will be over at Snail's Tales (http://snailstales.blogspot.com), so you can email Aydin at gastropod@earthlink.net.